A new favourite piece has recently moved into your wardrobe. Not only in the spirit of sustainability, but also so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible, our short videos will show you how to care for this new item, what to do in case of a stubborn stain or how to make small repairs yourself.
1. Gentle hand wash - this is how it's done
Do you want to enjoy your favourite garment for a long time? Then a gentle hand wash is often the right way to go. A little tip: always check the care label before washing.
2. How to get rid of a stain in no time at all
Help a stain! No problem at all! In our short video, we explain which stains should be treated in which way. Basically, the sooner you get rid of the stain, the better!
3. How to get rid of annoying lumps quickly.
For pilling, the quickest and best solution is a lint shaver. Here you can see how best to use this practical little helper.
4. How to get rid of protruding threads
We'll show you step by step how to get rid of stray threads. The tools of the trade: needles and scissors.
5. Bye bye run
You got caught somewhere with your favourite jumper and now you have a run? No problem! In our short video, we’ll show you how to fix it in no time.
6. First-aid for irregular stitches
An irregular stitch pattern can be easily corrected with just a sewing needle and a steam iron. Here we show you how!