Cookies & Tracking 

In order to make your visit to our website as pleasant as possible and to allow you to use certain features, we use so-called cookies on various pages. Cookies are small text files saved on your end device that are used to store certain settings and information for exchange with our system via your browser.

Please find below information about the various types of cookies we use.

  1. Necessary cookies: We need necessary cookies to put the technology in place that allows you to access and use our website. They enable basic functions such as navigating our website, correctly displaying it in your Internet browser or consent management in the consent layer. Our website does not function without these cookies. Cookies also help up to offer certain features on our website that you would be able to expect when visiting a physical fashion store and that will provide you with a customised user experience on our website. We ask you for your details based on Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 f) GDPR (legitimate interest) as we assume that being able to use our website is in your interest and that you expect certain services on our website as a given. 
  2. Preference cookies: Preference cookies improve user friendliness when you visit our website and they determine how our website is displayed for you by enabling the website to remember information. We also use these cookies to display our products and services to you in a manner that ensures that purchasing items on our website is as convenient and easy for you as possible. We collect your data based on Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 a) GDPR (consent).
  3. Statistics cookies: We aim to continuously make our website more user-friendly, which is why we use cookies that measure and analyse - in anonymised form - which features and content of our website is used most often in order to understand which content and products on our website are of particular interest to you, the user. We collect your data based on Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 a) GDPR (consent). 
  4. Marketing cookies & Tracking : These cookies are used to display advertisements on Internet websites that are customised to you and which we believe are of particular relevance for you. These cookies use the advertisement networks of companies that process your data as a separate data controller. We collect your data based on Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 a) GDPR (consent). 

Overview cookies

You can either agree or object to the use of all cookies or select individual cookies. You can also change or revoke consent at any time through the cookie declaration on our website. This does not apply to necessary cookies that the website needs to be able to function. The law permits us to save these on your device, also without your express consent. However, your consent is needed for all other types of cookies.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. Needless to say, you can change your browser settings so that it will not accept any cookies. You can usually find information on how to do this in the help menu of your Internet browser. Please be aware that you might be able to access only some of the features of our Marc Cain Online shop in this case.

Please find a list of our providers below.

1) Necessary cookies

1.1) Econda

The system Econda of Econda GmbH is a web analysis service. Web analysis is the collection, grouping and analysis of data about your behaviour when visiting websites. Amongst others, a web analysis service records data on which website redirected you to our website (so-called referrer), which subpages you accessed on our website or how often and for how long you visit a subpage. Web analysis services are mainly used to optimise our website and as a cost-benefit analysis for online advertisement. Econda is operated by econda GmbH, Eisenlohrstr. 43, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany. Econda places a cookie - as defined above - on your IT system. Each time you access an individual page on our website that includes an econda component, the econda component will cause the Internet browser on your device to transmit data for marketing and optimisation purposes to econda.

This technology allows econda to collect data that are then used to create pseudonymised user profiles. These user profiles are then used to analyse your behaviour when you visit the website with the goal to improve and optimise our website. The data collected by the econda component are not used to identify you without first obtaining your separate and express consent. These data are not merged with personal data or other data containing the same pseudonym. We collect IP addresses to determine the origin of potential attacks on our servers. As is customary in our industry, this information is stored for no more than fourteen days. After that point, they will be anonymised. As explained above, you can prevent our website from saving cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser to permanently prevent cookies from being saved. Selecting these settings would also prevent econda from placing a cookie on your end device. You can also delete any cookies econda has already placed via your browser or through other software.

Furthermore, you can object to the collection of data that are generated by the econda cookie relating to the use of our website and to the processing of such data. To do so, click the Send button in the link, which will place the opt-out cookie. This opt-out cookie that you place with your objection will be saved on your end device. If you delete cookies from your system after having opted out, you will have to follow the link again to place a new opt-out cookie. If you do place an opt-out cookie, it may be that not all features of our website will be available to you anymore. You can find the most recent privacy policy of econda under "Privacy Policy". 

1.2) Cloudflare

We use the content delivery network Cloudflare CDN of Cloudflare Inc. (101 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA; “Cloudflare”) on our website. This is a trans-regional server network across several computing centres that our web server logs into and which provides certain content of our website.

Data are processed to optimise loading times for our website, making our content more user-friendly.

This system may collect the following information, amongst others: IP address, system configuration details, information on traffic to and from the customer websites (so-called server logfiles). Your data may be transmitted to the USA. Data processing is based on the legitimate interest in terms of Art. 6 (1) f) GDPR of ensuring that our website design is adequate and appropriate for the target audience. You can object to the processing of your personal data as per Art. 6 (1) f) GDPR for reasons found in your specific circumstances at any time.

For more information on data protection when using Cloudflare, visit "Privacy Policy".

1.3) Cookiebot

The Cookiebot consent management platform is a fully automated cloud service of the company Cybot A/S, Havnegade 39, 1058 Copenhagen, Denmark. Cookiebot will store your consent for 12 months. A banner will be automatically displayed when you visit our website for the first time after that period has ended.

1.4) FACT-Finder 

We also use the FACTFinder of Omikron Data Quality GmbH, Habermehlstr. 17, 75172 Pforzheim, Germany, an operator of hosted search services. The pages of the hosted FACT-Finder solutions only save the information that is required for technical operation and functionality. FACT-Finder saves the information transmitted to FACT-Finder by the shop application. This includes the following information in particular: • IP address of our shop • Any user and/or session ID for the modules tracking, analytics and customisation that our shop might send • Information on search, time and, if geo search is activated, the geo location transmitted by our shop as starting point for the search (DSGVO).

1.5) YouTube

YouTube is an online video platform that allows video publishers to post videos for free and enables other users to view these videos, also for free, and to rate and comment on these videos. YouTube permits the publication of all kinds of videos, meaning that both complete films and TV shows as well music videos, trailers or user-created videos can be accessed via the online platform. YouTube is operated by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. YouTube, LLC is a subsidiary of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA.

Each time you access an individual page on our website that includes a YouTube component (YouTube video), the YouTube component will automatically cause the browser on your device to download the corresponding YouTube component from YouTube. You can find more information about YouTube under "About". This process makes YouTube and Google aware of which subpages of our website you visit.

If you are logged into YouTube at that time, YouTube will record which subpage of our website you visit when you access a subpage containing a YouTube video. This information is collected by YouTube and Google and associated with your YouTube account. YouTube and Google will always be notified by the YouTube component that you visit our website when you are also logged into YouTube when accessing our website; this mechanism does not depend on whether you watch the YouTube video or not. If you do not want such information to be transmitted to YouTube and Google, you can prevent the transmission of data by logging out of your YouTube account before accessing our website. The privacy notice of YouTube that you can find under "Privacy Policy" explains how YouTube and Google collect, process and use personal data.

2) Preference cookies

We are currently not using any cookies of this category.

3) Statistics Cookies

3.1) AB Tasty

We use AB Tasty GmbH, Lebacher Straße 4, 66113 Saarbrücken, Germany, to conduct statistical tests for our website. AB Tasty collects statistical data related to your visits. The collected data are connection data, for example the browser you use, the number of websites you visit, the number of your visits, how you navigate through our website and the amount of time spent on our website or on one page, additions to the shopping basket or discontinuation of  the shopping processes. No primary personal data (surname, first name, phone number, address etc.) are collected by AB Tasty when providing services through AB Tasty solutions. Only two types of secondary data (i.e. data that may be used to identify an individual in certain cases) are collected by AB Tasty solutions, namely cookies and IP. The life-span of the cookies is 13 months. AB Tasty offers you the option to object to having information about your visit to our website collected. If you wish to opt out, please click here

We only set cookies with the consent of the user. Exceptions to this are, for reasons of legitimate interest according to Art. 6 I f DSGVO, range measurement or storage within the framework of AB tests, which lead to a uniform presentation of the website. 

AB tests are conducted to improve the user experience, during this period there are two or more variants of the website, each of which is displayed to a portion of the users and the statistical analysis of which leads to an improvement in the user experience. If no consent is requested, only the use of the variant is evaluated statistically anonymously, i.e. no conclusions can be drawn about the user from the aggregated data, no further evaluations on a personal basis take place, and the data is not passed on to third parties beyond the operation of the AB test.

4) Marketing Cookies & Tracking

4.1) Bing

We also use the universal event tracking of Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA. Here, Microsoft Bing Ads will place a cookie on your device if you found our website through a Microsoft Bing ad. This allows Microsoft Bing and us to determinate that someone clicked on the ad, was redirected to our website and had reached a certain target site beforehand. The information we receive includes the number of users who have visited our website or a certain part thereof, how much time they spent on our website and how many pages of our website they visited (website statistics). No personal data are transmitted. Microsoft Corporation is certified in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield. This means that adequate protection in terms of Art. 45 GDPR is offered. You can find a list of certified companies here. If you do not want to participate in tracking, you can opt out of having the necessary cookie placed, for example by selecting the corresponding settings of your browser that prevent an automatic placing of cookies in general. You can find further information on data protection and the cookies used for Microsoft Bing on the website. Alternatively, you can also deactivate personalised ads in your browser here.

4.2) Facebook

Facebook is a social network, i.e. an online meeting point for people, an online community that usually allows users to communicate and interact on a virtual level. A social network can be used to exchange opinions and experiences or allows the online community to make personal or business information available. Facebook allows users of the social network, amongst others, to create private profiles, to upload pictures and to network via friend requests. Facebook is operated by Facebook, Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. The data controller for the processing of personal data of individuals domiciled outside of the USA or Canada is Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland. Each time you access an individual page on our website that includes a Facebook component (Facebook plug-in), the Facebook component will automatically cause the browser on your device to download the representation of the corresponding Facebook component from Facebook. You can find a complete list of Facebook plug-ins here. This process makes Facebook aware of which subpages of our website you visit. If you are logged into Facebook, Facebook will record which specific subpage you visit on our website every time you visit our website and will track this information for the entire duration of your visit. This information is collected by the Facebook component and will be associated with your Facebook account. If you use one of the Facebook buttons embedded into our website, such as the “like” button, or if you post a comment, Facebook will associate this information with your Facebook user account and will save these personal data. Facebook will be notified by the Facebook component that you visit our website when you are also logged into Facebook when accessing our website; this mechanism does not depend on whether you click on the Facebook component or not. If you do not want such information to be transmitted to Facebook, you can prevent the transmission of data by logging out of your Facebook account before accessing our website. The privacy notice of Facebook that you can find under "Privacy" explains how Facebook collects, processes and uses personal data. You will also find an overview over the settings Facebook offers to protect your privacy. There are also various applications that make it possible to prevent a transmission of data to Facebook. 

4.3) Facebook (Custom Audience / Customer Match / Conversion API)

If you are a Facebook user, please note that our website uses the communication tool website custom audience of Facebook (Facebook Inc., 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, California 94304, USA). So-called Facebook pixel are integrated into our website for this purpose that will tag you in anonymised form, i.e. without identifying you individually, as a visitor of our website. If you log into Facebook at a later point, a non-reversible and therefore non-identifiable test sum (profile) consisting of your user data will be transmitted to Facebook for analysis and marketing purposes. For more information on purpose and scope of data collection, processing and use of the data on the part of Facebook as well as settings you can select to protect your privacy can be found in the privacy policy of Facebook, available here "Custom Audiences" and "Privacy Explanation". Facebook Inc. is certified in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield. This means that adequate protection in terms of Art. 45 GDPR is offered. You can find a list of certified companies here: If you wish to opt out of Facebook Website Custom Audiences, please click here.

Meta Conversion API & Custom Audiences 

The Conversion API enables a direct server-to-server connection between our web server and the meta servers. In order to submit data via the Conversion API, we temporarily store your data on our own servers. We have no control over the scope and further use of the data that Meta collects using these tools in addition to the aforementioned purposes. However, we would like to inform you to the best of our knowledge and belief: By integrating these technologies, Meta receives information that you have visited a specific part of our website or clicked on an ad from us. If you are registered with Meta, Meta may associate this visit with your account. Even if you are not registered with Meta or were not logged in, there is a possibility that Meta may collect and store your IP address via the Facebook pixel. Location Information, Usage Data, Browser Information, Interactions with Products, Facebook User ID, Hashed Email Address, IP Address, User Behavior, Marketing Information, Website Interactions, Device Information, Interactions with Ads, Impressions on Ad Content, and Online Store Content. Alternatively, we may provide Meta with a customer list that includes the email address you provided during registration and your Advertising ID.  If you consent to the data processing described, Meta may also access your data. In particular, this includes Meta Platforms Inc, 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA, in addition to Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland. Please note that Meta Platforms Inc. is located in a third country. Logged-in users have the option to deactivate the "Meta Custom Audiences" function at We would like to point out that Meta may also use the data we provide about your usage behavior and e-mail address for its own purposes. On this page you have the option to object to Facebook targeting. 

4.4) Google Maps

Our website uses the product Google Maps of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA. By visiting our website, you agree to the collection, processing and use of the automatically collected data by Google Inc, its representatives and third parties. You can find the terms of service for Google Maps under "Terms of service for Google Maps“.

4.5) Google Re-Marketing

Our website uses the remarketing feature of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA. This feature allows us to display targeted and personalised ads for you - the visitor of our website - by placing ads based on your interests when you visit other websites in the Google Display network. Google uses cookies to analyse website use, which is the basis for the creation of interest-based ads. Google places a small file containing a string of numbers in your browser. This number tags you and collects data on how you use our website. No personal data are stored. If you then visit another website in the Google Display network, you will be shown ads that are highly likely to take products and information you have just viewed into account. You can permanently deactivate the use of cookies by Google by following the link below and downloading and installing the plug-in you find there. Alternatively, you can deactivate the use of third-party cookies by accessing the deactivation website of the network initiative (Network Advertising Initiative) under "Choices" and "Settings" and completing the steps to opt out listed there. You can find further information on Google Remarketing and the privacy policy of Google under the following link.

Google Ads - Enhanced Conversions. 

We also use the Google Ads API to transmit hashed first-party conversion data such as your hashed email address to Google. This does not give Google direct access to input fields and corresponding data on our website. The hashed Marc Cain data is matched with Google user data. If a match is found, a conversion message is sent to the Marc Cain Google account, which helps us to optimize our advertising measures. 

Google Ads Customer Match  

We use Google Ads Customer Match (Google Customer Match) provided by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland for individuals from the EEA and Switzerland and Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain for all other individuals View, CA 94043, USA (collectively "Google"). It is a feature in Google Ads that allows you to more effectively reach and personalize potential and existing customers through Google Search, the Google Shopping tab, Gmail, YouTube, and the Google advertising network. Google Ads customer matching is especially useful for remarketing, optimizing campaigns, and increasing conversions. Google Ads personalization is based on audience matching and is performed by Google using information from your Google Account and based on your activities and interests when using Google products and Google advertising partners. As a Google advertising partner, the use of Google Ads customer matching enables us to target customers more effectively and ensures that, for example, advertisements displayed via Google Ads are more targeted to the specific interests of your target group that uses our store. Google Ads customers do not require separate cookies, but personalized ads are only displayed by Google Ads itself if you agree to the required cookie processing with Google via our cookie banner or otherwise. Google requires a list of customer data from us in order to know whether you have been addressed as a user by Google. Google does not receive your actual data (e.g. email address, phone number), but only hashed codes created by one-way encryption. Google compares these hashed codes with its own user database. As long as the corresponding data is not already available in Google's own user database, Google cannot decrypt the codes again. Therefore, Google does not receive the uploaded customer data during the upload process and can only determine whether the data is already available to Google. If the data is not available to Google, the hash codes created using customer data cannot be decrypted again. Otherwise, the code known to Google and the hash code match and can be assigned to the target group. After creation of the target group, the uploaded data is deleted. The legal basis for the use of Google Ads customer matching is our legitimate interest according to Art. 6 para. 1. The customer matching process, in particular the one-way encryption performed, protects the personal data of our customers and prevents Google from obtaining data about people who are not specified in their Google account. If you do not wish to do so, you can deactivate Google's data processing here: For more information, please visit: and

4.6) Instagram

Instagram is a service categorised as an audiovisual platform that allows users to share photos and videos as well as to disseminate such information in other social networks. The Instagram services are operated by Instagram LLC, 1 Hacker Way, Building 14 First Floor, Menlo Park, CA, USA. Each time you access an individual page on our website that includes an Instagram component (Insta button), the Instagram component will automatically cause the browser on your device to download the representation of the corresponding Instagram component from Instagram. This process makes Instagram aware of which subpages of our website you visit. If you are logged into Instagram, Instagram will record which specific subpage you visit on our website every time you visit our website and will track this information for the entire duration of your visit. This information is collected by the Instagram component and will be associated with your Instagram account by Instagram. When you click on one of the Instagram buttons embedded into our website, the data and information transmitted will be associated with your personal Instagram account and will be stored and processed by Instagram. Instagram will be notified by the Instagram component that you visit our website when you are also logged into Instagram when accessing our website; this mechanism does not depend on whether you click on the Instagram component or not. If you do not want such information to be transmitted to Instagram, you can prevent the transmission of data by logging out of your Instagram account before accessing our website. You can find further information and the current privacy policy of Instagram under "Help" and "Privacy".

4.7) Pinterest

We use the pixel (Pinterest Tag) of Pinterest Europe Ltd. (Palmerston House, 2nd Floor, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, Ireland). This pixel collects information on how you use the website (such as information on articles you read) under joint responsibility of Pinterest Europe Limited and Marc Cain which is then sent to Pinterest Europe Limited. The sole data controller in terms of data protection law for the processing of the data transmitted to Pinterest Europe Limited is Pinterest Europe Limited. This information transmitted to Pinterest Europe Limited can potentially be linked to you by using further information that Pinterest Europe Limited may have about you, for example as a result of you having an account with the social network “Pinterest”. Information collected by the pixel can be used to display interest-based ads in your Pinterest account (retargeting). Information collected by the pixel can also be aggregated by Pinterest Europe Limited and such aggregated information can then be used by Pinterest Europe Limited for advertisement and advertisement on behalf of third parties. For example, Pinterest Europe Limited can deduct certain interests from your use of our website, and it will use this information to advertise third-party products. Furthermore, Pinterest Europe Limited can also combine the information collected through the pixel with other information that Pinterest Europe Limited has collected about you on other websites and/or in connection with your use of the social network “Pinterest” to allow Pinterest Europe Limited to create a profile of you. This profile can be used for advertisement purposes. The legal basis for such processing is Art. 6 (1) a) GDPR. For more information on data protection at Pinterest Europe Limited, visit "Privacy Policy". Here, you can also exercise your data subject rights (e.g. right to erasure) regarding any data that Pinterest Europe Limited processes as the data controller. We will only use any cookies required for this service (so-called marketing cookies) with your permission. You can revoke consent at any time.

4.8) YouTube

We not only use YouTube as a necessary cookie, but also as a marketing cookie. You can find more details on YouTube and its data processing in the explanations regarding necessary cookies.

4.9) Bambuser – Live-Shopping

We use the live shopping provider "Bambuser" on our website. "Bambuser" is a service provided by Bambuser AB, Regeringsgatan 55, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden. As part of our live shopping events, Bambuser collects and stores certain information to enable and improve the live shopping experience. This information includes your username, the products you viewed or purchased during the live shopping session, and your location (country and city). Please note that Bambuser also uses so-called cookies. These are small files that are stored on your device to store preferences and other information that can be used on the websites you visit. For more information, please see Bambuser's privacy policy. Bambuser AB also uses Google Analytics from Google Inc, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351 to compile marketing statistics. Your personal data will only be processed to the extent necessary for Bambuser to provide the service and if you have given your explicit consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please note that the use of Bambuser may be restricted without your consent.

4.10) Sizekick

On this website users have the possibility to use the size recommendation solution of sizekick GmbH (Rosa-Bavarese-Str. 3, 80639 München) to get personal size advice. The usage of Sizekick's size recommendation solution is completely voluntary and it is a user's conscious decision to provide Sizekick with personal information that will be used to provide the user with the best possible size recommendation. Further information on Sizekick’s privacy policy can be found here:

An integration of Sizekick in the consent management system of your website (so called cookie manager) is not necessary, because the usage of the Sizekick size recommendation is optional and no user is forced to use it. Furthermore Sizekick is not tracking or processing any personal information before the user actively starts the size recommendation process.

4.11) Outbrain

This website uses technology from Outbrain Inc ("Outbrain", 39 W 13th Street New York, NY 10011 USA). This enables us to present you with additional content that may be of interest to you on our website or on the websites of third-party providers. The selection and provision of this content is controlled by Outbrain. To display this content, Outbrain uses cookies that are stored in your browser. Outbrain assigns a UUID (unique user ID) to each user who interacts with the Outbrain widget. This UUID, which is an anonymised form of the IP address (with the last segment removed), is assigned to your browser and changes with the browser you are using. Consequently, a user can have multiple UUIDs. Outbrain uses this UUID to catalogue and analyse the content consumed by the UUID on partner sites in order to then recommend further suitable content for this UUID.

Our website also uses the Outbrain pixel from Outbrain Inc (USA) to carry out analyses of our campaigns (advertising) and to enable extended targeting. The pixel records which UUID has interacted with the pages on which the pixel is installed, including timestamp, source of origin and whether a conversion has taken place. The pixel tracks activity on an anonymised basis only, without recording or collecting personal data. It only checks whether a UUID is present in the user's browser. If this is the case, we can target our advertising in the Outbrain network to these UUIDs (retargeting). If the pixel does not find a UUID, no information is collected.

Details on these processing operations, the technologies used, the stored data and their storage duration can be found in the cookie settings. Outbrain is used exclusively with your consent in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR.

When using Outbrain services, data may be transferred to the USA. Please note the relevant information in the section "Data transfer to third countries". Further information on data protection at Outbrain can be found in Outbrain's privacy policy at

4.12) Criteo

This website uses technologies from the provider Criteo, based at 32 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris, France. This involves the use of cookies and advertising IDs that are used for marketing purposes. These enable us to target adverts on websites, apps and in emails from partners to users who show an interest in our products. Relevant advertising is presented through the use of retargeting technologies that are based on your previous surfing behaviour and use cookies or advertising IDs. The data collected in this way is used to create user profiles under a pseudonym. If personal data is processed through the use of these technologies, this is based on Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f GDPR. You can revoke your consent at any time for the future in the cookie settings by changing your settings there. For more information on opting out of Criteo's services, please see their privacy policy at:, including the option to opt out of "Criteo Dynamic Retargeting" and "Criteo Sponsored Products".

To opt out of interest-based advertising, please visit the following websites:

4.13) Jentis

We use the services of JENTIS GmbH (Schönbrunner Straße 231, 1120 Vienna) to analyse the user behaviour of our customers and to optimise our website. This service provider therefore receives access to web analysis data, which is measured, stored and processed by the analysis tools in use and JENTIS.

On the one hand, data is transmitted to JENTIS GmbH for analysis purposes; on the other hand, JENTIS collects data independently on our behalf with regard to the browser environment or the behaviour of the visitor. JENTIS GmbH only processes data that cannot be traced back to a person by JENTIS GmbH. IDs set by JENTIS are merely random products and are used for anonymous recognition. Your IP address is truncated before it is saved so that it cannot be traced back to you personally.