Even before the first sip, one can revel in the bouquet. And before that the play of colours in the glass. Juliane Eller skillfully swirls the wine she has herself created. She is one of Germany youngest vintners and her label “Juwel“ (jewel) is no longer an insider tip amongst wine connoisseurs. The big names in the industry have paid tribute to her: She was listed in the “Gault Millau” wine guide, was in the Top 10 list of the Focus wine test and achieved brilliant reviews in trade publications such as ”Feinschmecker“. The name “Juwel“ is not only a play of words on her name, it also symbolises the style of the wines: From the grape, the raw precious jewel, comes the polished diamond, the wine.
Raised on a vineyard in Rhine Hesse, she showed a passion for wine early on. She studied viticulture and enology (cellaring) in the adjacent Geisenheim Weinbau (vineyard) and undertook an internship with the most renowned vintner in Rhine Hesse, Klaus Peter Keller during her studies. During this formative time, she dived deep into the world of wine and did not only develop new ideas, but also a vision of her own wine brand.
With her great decisiveness and self-confidence as well as a talent for marketing concepts, she drastically shook up her parents’ vineyard in the small town of Alsheim. All this directly after her degree at the young age of 23. Her parents trusted the enthusiasm of their daughter and allowed her free reign. The most important changes included a shift from machine to traditional hand harvesting so that craftsmanship and manual work was at the forefront. “Of course, I had sleepless nights at the beginning“, she reveals in an interview with Marc Cain, “but my family supported me and believed in my plans.“ 5 years have passed since then. Wine is, and remains, her dream. She loves her work outdoors in the vineyards as well as the magic of wine-making because, as she says: “Every year produces another wine, you play by the rules of nature.“
True to her philosophy: “Do what you can with what you have, wherever you are“, she lends her own style to her wine every year. Juliane Eller describes her wine as elegant, fine, filigree and fresh. Wines that impress connoisseurs and laymen alike. She composed the wine series “III Freunde“ (III Friends) together with Joko Winterscheidt and Matthias Schweighöfer; she already has over 11,000 subscribers on Instagram. Juliane Eller is successful: She is living her dream, she knows what she wants and she has reached her goal with brilliance. Juliane Eller is a “Mysterious Woman“.