"Inspiration is a visitor, who does not always appear at the first invitation,” the Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky once said. And yet there are people who always inspire; for whom it works perfectly, right from the very first invitation. This includes the women Marc Cain accompanies as part of the "Mysterious Women" project: a series of portraits of extraordinary, characterful and inspiring women. The emotional short videos are published every quarter and shared on the Marc Cain social media platforms. The ballet dancer and choreologist Georgette Tsinguirides, who keeps John Cranko's choreographies alive, will be the opening act.
She has been in and out of Stuttgart Opera House for over 80 years now and celebrated her 70th professional anniversary in 2015: Georgette Tsinguirides is a living legend at the Stuttgart State Theatres. She began her ballet training there at the age of seven. Ten years later she signed her first employment contract as a candidate for choral dance. John Cranko, the ballet luminary, made her his assistant in the 60s and sent her to London, where she trained as a choreologist. The aim? To make his works unforgettable. And they are, through Georgette: The German-Greek writes down the movements of choreographies in symbols.
Georgette Tsinguirides makes it possible for John Cranko’s works to be passed on to young ballet talents to this day. Her passion for dancing is captured in the short video produced by Marc Cain. In black and white, Georgette Tsinguirides stands in the foreground. She shares her most beautiful memories, her passion, her knowledge and is accompanied by classical music and original film recordings with John Cranko from the 60s and 70s.