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The video series about extraordinary, character-strong and inspiring women continues. After Germany's first choreologist Georgette Tsinguirides and the record holder in apnoea diving, Anna von Boetticher, Marc Cain has now shot a portrait of Germany's only two-star chef: Douce Steiner.
Douce Steiner runs her restaurant "Hirschen" in Sulzburg in Baden-Württemberg together with her husband, as a family business. In the short video, Germany's only two-star chef talks about her passion and the challenges of asserting herself as a woman in a man's domain. In 2008 she took over her father's two-star restaurant in Markgräflerland and shortly afterwards lost her second star. Douce Steiner, however, went her way, unperturbed. In 2012 she recooked-up her second Michelin star. After leaving school, she sought a cooking apprenticeship with a top chef, but was unsuccessful, so she took an apprentice role with her father, who is also a star chef. It was not easy for her to find her first job, even after her training, but she eventually found a position in the gourmet kitchen of star chef George Blanc in Vonnas, France.
Sensuality, creativity and a lot of love for detail. In addition, her work philosophy is reflected in an upscale and familiar ambience and a cordial tone with the guests and their staff. Douce Steiner also writes cookbooks, one of which she wrote for her daughter Justine's 18th birthday.