As part of the "Mysterious Women" project, Marc Cain is putting some unique women in the spotlight: The two-minute videos provide an opportunity for the "Mysterious Women" to talk about their passions, achievements, desires and dreams and show powerful snapshots from their lives. Marc Cain recently introduced the ballet dancer and choreologist Georgette Tsinguirides, and now it is the turn of Anna von Boetticher, one of the world's best apnoea divers. In the short video shot by Marc Cain, she is portrayed not only above, but also under water.
The Berliner by choice has been an apnoea diver for many years. With just one breath, she dives into the depths for minutes at a time. Even as a child, she was fascinated by water and developed the longing to get to know the unknown corners of the universe early on. At a young age she went sailing with her family in Greece. Her brother washed the dishes on board. When he was finished, he tipped the contents of the bucket overboard - unfortunately, along with the cutlery, which he had forgotten about. Young Anna was the only one who managed to dive the 16 m to the bottom of the sea several times in a row, to recover the cutlery.
Anna von Boetticher dives for more than 6 minutes without taking breath; her deepest dive so far took her 125 m down and lasted 3 minutes. During her dives she always closes her eyes on the way to the seabed. And she describes the moment when she opens her eyes again in the depths of the ocean as a special experience, during which she perceives the colours and light of her surroundings in a unique way.
Despite her 25% smaller lung volume, Anna von Boetticher is one of the world's best apnea divers. She has set a total of 33 records and 1 world record and is the German record holder in six of eight apnea disciplines.