We let the sun rise at the image shoot

Hollywood-Feeling in Mannheim, Germany. For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, the premium label Marc Cain filmed at the LEDcave in Mannheim under film-like conditions. We made use of this impressive location to showcade the new collections in a unique way.

Under normal circumstance, scenes are shot with models or actors in front of the blue or green screen. Only then are the computer-generated landscapes and photographic backgrounds inserted. This was not the case in the LEDcave studio in Mannheim, which offers completely new possibilities: This is because the entire studio space does not consist of normal walls, but LED installations with high resolution. With its total of over 350 sqm of LED space, the LEDcave offers a 360-degree experience with a range of special, unique features. When shooting in the LED studio, the camera and the background are directly connected.

The world of Marc Cain was brought to life with the most modern technology. Within a very short time, travelling to different worlds in different weather scenarios was suddenly made possible. While it was thundering and raining outside, we made the sun rise in the LED studio or the city at night come alive with its lights. Whatever was desired and always matching the looks.