Fashion should be lots of fun and always help to create little moments of happiness. With our "What made you smile today" campaign, we want to share this positive attitude towards life with you. We have created special favourite pieces that are sure to make you smile. The lovingly illustrated T-shirts are from the pen of our Director Design, Katja Foos.

They are printed with positive messages and bright colours that radiate delightful feelings and joie de vivre, especially in dull times. The "Smile" shirt carries the key visual of the campaign: A woman who, with a graceful hand and despite her mask, symbolically distributes kisses. The "Kiss" shirt is adorned with a big kissing mouth. Both are a special message of love, with our thanks to you, dear customer! The shirts are printed with a high-quality inkjet printing process in Bodelshausen and are therefore "painted & printed in Germany".