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Welcome to the designer fashion Onlineshop of Marc Cain. Here you will find exclusive women's fashion for all occasions. Whether you are looking for business clothes for the office or elegant and festive evening wear for a very special occasion or want new, particularly feminine dresses - you are in the right place. Marc Cain offers women's fashion for the discerning customer who loves uncomplicated, luxurious fashion and has the desire to dress individually. Our fashion statement reads: Fashion must seduce! We attach great importance to design, quality, materials, the latest processing techniques and first-class fit. It is important to us that you feel comfortable in your favourite fashion, which is why we make no compromises when it comes to wearing comfort. Our women's clothing, which we offer for you in our Onlineshop, is a tribute to the modern woman and impresses with its exceptional quality. We use only high-quality materials in the production of our women's fashion, most of which come from Italy. With great attention to detail, our clothing, such as stylish feel-good coats, elegant blazer, feminine dresses, cool jeans and cuddly cardigans, is largely manufactured in Europe. This guarantees the well-known Marc Cain quality at all times.

Order luxury women's clothing in the designer fashion Onlineshop
Are you looking for a very special piece that will make your heart beat faster and quickly become a favourite in your wardrobe? Do you love something special and prefer high-quality women's fashion made of luxurious, innovative materials with cuts that fit perfectly, that underline your type and at the same time offer you a high level of wearing comfort? You can find all this in our Designer Fashion Onlineshop! Discover our exquisite range of women's fashion, which offers you a wide selection of clothing and accessories. From blazers to jeans, jackets to vests, scarves bags. And all this in expressive colours that underline femininity, with prints and patterns that catch everyone's eye and with generous, figure-hugging silhouettes or feminine body-hugging styles. And because the right fit and a comfortable feel are so important to us, we offer you a wide range of sizes: Our women's fashion is available in up to seven different sizes: from size 1 (34) to size 7 (46). All women's dresses can be ordered right here in our user-friendly Onlineshop - from the comfort of your own home and we'll deliver your favourite pieces to your door.

What is the most important fashion rule?
In the past, many so-called fashion rules had to be followed. For example, one rule in fashion etiquette was "No Brown After Six" or "Never combine blue with black." These fashion statements are outdated. Today, these rules are broken, at the heart of which is the principle that a woman should only buy and wear clothes that she likes and feels really comfortable in, because that is what enhances her individual charisma. In the past, tucking blouses into trousers was a must. Today, casual, unconstructed looks are the order of the day, convincing through their simplicity and straightforwardness - easy smartness, in other words. Actually, there is only one true principle to consider. If you follow this, you will always leave a lasting impression: Every woman should only wear the fashion that underlines her individual type and ensures a stylish appearance. Women's fashion should put the wearer in the perfect look, flatter her figure and, at best, show her curves in the right light. Because, if a woman wears unsuitable clothes, the outfit will always be remembered. If, on the other hand, she dresses in women's fashion that suits her type, the woman in the clothing will always be remembered.

Fashion inspirations for the sophisticated woman
Women love to shop. They are always on the lookout for that one special fashion piece that they desperately want, that must-have that will make them happy. Because: Hand on heart: Can a woman ever have enough clothes in her closet, let alone too many shoes? Women are hunters and never tire of it: There are reward buys, joy buys, and sometimes frustration buys. Inspirations play an important role in the run-up: What are the fashion trends of the season? What goes best with what? What colours does a woman wear now? We want to provide you with these suggestions and trend information. In the "Inspirations" section we also present the themes of our current Collections in detail. You can then order your favourite dresses right here in our Designer Fashion Online Shop. It couldn’t be any easier: Choose, order online and have it delivered.