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Your perfect companion for seasonal weather

In weak spring sunshine or on brisk autumnal days, women’s vests, waistcoats, body warmers and gilets are the best way to keep cosy. Women’s vests can be mixed and matched with almost anything – they’re incredibly comfortable to wear and turn heads with their stylish look. Order them directly from our online shop: discover our great range of women’s vests, from elegant to sporty, for comfortable, stylish looks.

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Women's vests, gilets, body warmers and waistcoats – multitaskers for every season

The variety of materials, fits, colours and patterns is enormous, as is the number of different styles: choose a vest to play up your elegant, sporty, or feminine side, in either a long or short cut. Show off your figure and create a classic feminine silhouette with one of our longer-length fitted women’s vests, or layer up in style with a shorter denim vest. With so many styling possibilities, vests are one of the hardest-working pieces in a woman’s wardrobe.

Casual or classy, order your Marc Cain women’s vests online now

If you’d rather go without a jacket, down body warmers and quilted puffer vests are a wonderful alternative: there’s no restriction to arm movement and they won’t ride up. Nowadays, women’s vests and down gilets are made with goose or duck feathers, or with artificial fibres, almost indistinguishable from real down. Down gilets provide excellent protection from the cold and the wind, while a lighter quilted puffer vest is better suited to warmer days. Women’s vests and gilets with faux fur trim are great for mixing and matching: try pairing them with smart pants, skirts or dresses. For leisure activities, why not try a sporty gilet? Pair it with jeans and trainers for the ultimate laid-back look, or give your style a country twist with some crafted leather boots. Explore our wide range of women's vests, gilets, waistcoats and body warmers in the Marc Cain online shop: women’s vests in more styles, fabrics and colours than you can imagine. Order and purchase all our latest range of designer women’s vests and gilets directly online in the Marc Cain online shop. Choose from laser-cut styles, waistcoats in flowing fabric or chunky-knit textured finishes. Feel great and show off those fashion smarts in our new styles. Style tip: Nip in a faux fur gilet at the waist with a narrow belt to create a classic hourglass shape.

Women’s vests: mix and match marvels

Vests and gilets are ridiculously easy to mix and match, and go with almost any outfit: ladylike skirts and dresses, smart pants, or simply jeans and chinos. Our fashion picks include pairing a vest or gilet with a maxi skirt, a monochrome vest with a checked shirt, or a faux fur gilet with denim shorts. The history of women’s vests is closely linked to the women’s liberation movement. In the first half of the twentieth century, city women looking to free themselves from societal pressures went androgynous: pants and men’s vests became a mark of rebellion. Most prominent spokeswomen for this new women’s fashion movement were Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. Did you know that the saying “to have a white waistcoat”, meaning to be free of any scandal or corruption, was first coined by Otto von Bismarck?