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With its own knitting production plant at its German premises, Marc Cain possesses a unique knowledge of manufacturing techniques in the areas of knitting, printing, finishing and textile testing. In addition to offering our own modelling technology and knitwear sampling facilities, supported by internationally-active technical experts, we are able to guarantee the highest possible level of product quality and a perfect fit.
We are fully committed to the social and ecological goals of the textile and clothing industry, as set out in the sector’s Code of Conduct dated May 2015 under
code of conduct


3-D Knit & Wear

Innovation prize


On the evening of 24 June 2016, there was an award ceremony with about 1,000 guests where we were honoured as one of the most innovative small and medium-sized businesses in Germany and awarded the Top 100 seal of approval. This renowned award is the most important way of recognising innovative German SMEs. It has been bestowed 23 times and is testament to a company’s importance, its attractiveness as an employer and its forward-thinking capabilities.

The selection process is exacting and highly scientific, focusing on innovation management and success. Marc Cain was able to win over the jury with its 3-D Knit & Wear technology. This technology is used to manufacture a piece of clothing in one step, meaning that a finished product emerges from the knitting machine. More than 4,000 companies entered the running for a Top 100 award this time and only 238 took it home. The maximum number of winners are 100 each in three different size-based categories.


“With the new Logistics Center, we have created an additional new, highly-modern building in “Cain City”. The centralisation of the handling of all processes was no more than an additional, consistent step in the company history of Marc Cain. By consolidating numerous different warehouse addresses and thus ensuring shorter lead times, we guarantee a more rapid availability in the marketplace. We can make efficient use of synergies at the company headquarters, e.g. in product testing and finishing. The philosophy of Marc Cain is that we should undertake as much as possible in house. In this particular case, this means that we can also extend our company’s areas of competence in this field by managing our logistics ourselves, in the same way as we run our own Webstore, instead of outsourcing these activities. This brings us an additional competitive advantage. We are very proud of these positive developments and in particular of our new high-tech Logistic Center”, said Helmut Schlotterer, the company’s founder and owner and Chairman of the Management Board.
Surface area: 7,100 m2
Capacity: 130,000 m3
Storage space for flat goods: 80.000
Storage space for hanging goods: 500.000 items
Total investment value almost 35 million Euros


Virtual product development

We are currently working on special CAD systems, which support the design process right through from the initial concept to the implementation of the cutting work. This helps us to try out possible patterning approaches without needing to create an initial prototype. In this way, we can develop and evaluate virtual models of both materials and cut lines in a precisely targeted way.
3-D simulation for support in product development
3-D simulation is also used in the development of labels, analysis of fit and during the visualisation of design concepts


Responsibility begins with us

We are convinced that environmental protection and sustainable management begins on our own doorstep. So, for us, taking responsibility is a commitment that we are happy to fulfill. As part of that, an important factor is to strive for economic success in harmony with humankind, animals and nature.

Marc Cain is committed to the responsible use of natural resources and animals. No real fur has been used since 2016 - instead, various high-quality artificial fur products (fun fur) are used in the Collections.

We only use products from animals that are bred and kept according to the relevant laws and regulations and that have been slaughtered exclusively for meat production. In particular, we refer to the EU Code of Conduct, Animal Protection Regulation EC No. 338/97, as well as the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the Federal Protection Ordinance.

Extract from the Code of Conduct on the topic of animal and species protection

"The companies respect the principles of animal welfare in their entrepreneurial activities. Animal husbandry
and use are to be adapted to the species. The companies recognise the Washington Convention on the Protection of Animals (CITES)
for the protection of endangered animals and plants and abide by its rulings in their business activities.