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The original working-class fabric denim is now an absolute fashion favourite. The robust cotton fabric with the twill weave is worn all over the world. We also love this material and are avowed denim fans. Unfortunately, the success story of jeans also has its downsides, in particular, when you look at the dirty production image of the denim industry. When selecting our suppliers, we therefore take great care to ensure that strict criteria are adhered to. In this way, we want to counteract the negative factors such as extremely high water consumption, poor working conditions, long transport routes and the high use of chemicals in typical indigo dyeing. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of increasingly switching to sustainable and "clean" denim qualities in the coming years.
At the heart of our "sustainable denim" products are innovative production processes that help minimise the environmental footprint of our jeans. The use of ozone bleaching and laser technologies in the dyeing and finishing process, for example, reduces significant amounts of water, energy and chemicals. In addition, our sustainable denims all have a valid social audit in their supply chain, which checks the working conditions and environment. A large proportion of our denim washers already use Jeanologia washing machines with EIM Score. The so-called Environmental Impact Measuring is a tool that measures the environmental impact during the washing process. This includes water, energy and chemical consumption, but also the health of the workers. All "sustainable denims" are made from organic cotton or recycled cotton with the appropriate certification.