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The internationally successful fashion company,
Marc Cain, was founded in 1973 by Helmut Schlotterer,
the Chairman of the Board.

Unternehmen - Helmut Schlotterer neu
Today Marc Cain is a globally operating premium brand for ladies’ fashion with its own production facility in Germany. Marc Cain manages its global business from the head office in Bodelshausen. To further safeguard the brand’s competitiveness, between 2007 and 2014 around 82 million euros were invested in administration and manufacture, as well as research and development. The latest investment object is a logistics centre with an automated warehouse, completed in 2015. The complex measures about 100 by 74 metres and is 18 metres high. A total of 35 million Euros were invested. The company meanwhile employs over 1000 members of staff in Germany alone. 172 Marc Cain Stores, 283 Shop-in-Stores, 320 Custody customers and another 811 upmarket specialist retail stores in 59 countries characterise the selective distribution strategy. New Stores and new Shop-in-Stores are currently in the pipeline.
Helmut Schlotterer
Chairman of the Board, Founder & Owner

Frank Rheinboldt
Managing Director Sales, Marketing & Design

Marcus Breyer
Managing Director Finance, HR, IT

Urs Konstantin Rouette
Managing Director Technical Development, Production, Purchase & Logistics

more than 1000 in Germany

Company Name:
Marc Cain GmbH

Marc-Cain-Allee 4
D-72411 Bodelshausen

Retail & Sales:
172 Marc Cain Stores
283 Marc Cain Shop-in-Stores
320 Custody customers
12 Marc Cain Outlets
and further 811 retail companies in 59 countries

Status: to May 2020