From couture to casual: Our KnIT Pieces "Made in Bodelshausen"

Some our very special favourite items, which are absolutely on trend, are our KnIT Pieces. We have composed the term from the English word "Knit", for knitting, and “IT-Piece”. Why do we call them that?
They are intricately knitted at our headquarters in Germany in our in-house, high-tech knitting park. KnIT Pieces are unique highlights that best represent our expertise in mesh and are characterised by a lot of handwork and high technical know-how, as well as longer production times. In a nutshell - high knitting art.

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In our ultra-modern production facilities, over 280,000 knitted parts are produced per year, in three-shift operation, on 110 high-tech knitting machines - 107 of which are flat knitting machines and 3 are circular knitting machines. This machinery is something very special. Probably no other fashion company in Europe has a comparably large, highly modern and flexible knitwear production on site.