Marc Cain is passionate about sustainability. What does this mean when it comes to cotton?

We are constantly working on innovative solutions with our suppliers. Sustainable cotton includes organic and recycled cotton, Better Cotton and Supreme Green Cotton® (SGC cotton). By producing more and more of our collections from sustainable cotton, we are setting the course for responsible cotton sourcing.

What sets organic cotton apart?

It is grown using naturally occurring substances, instead of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. As a result, organic cotton helps promote healthy soil and preserves biodiversity.

Why do recycled fibres conserve resources?

Because they are made from raw materials that have been used before. They are sourced from old clothes, for example, which would otherwise be thrown away.

What is Better Cotton?

As of July 2020, Marc Cain is a member of the charitable organisation Better Cotton. Better Cotton is sourced using the “mass balance approach”. This means that, although the cotton cannot be physically traced from field to end product, we help to improve the way cotton is grown around the world by supporting Better Cotton.

How can I identify Supreme Green Cotton?

Every product made of SGC cotton has a hang tag with a QR code. By opening it on your smartphone, you can trace precisely where your cotton has been: from the Greek fields of family-owned farms in Larissa, to the spinning mill in Naousa, to the Marc Cain headquarters in Bodelshausen.

What is the goal?

More than 50% of the cotton used in our collections is already sustainable, meaning we have reached our goal for 2023 early.

Serdar Acar/EyeEm/Getty Images