This summer is all about knits! When the creeping wet and cold finally dissipate. When the darkness and fog lift. When all you want to do is laze in a hammock and escape the heat, eat obscene amounts of ice cream, and hear the satisfying crack of a watermelon as it breaks into two halves. And when you stay up late into the evening by the campfire or the sea – preferably in light, laid-back summer knits.

High-quality Summer Knits manage the balancing act between comfort and lightness, especially when natural when natural materials such as cotton or viscose or viscose are used. They have cooling properties and make the currently very currently very popular knitted trousers absolutely comfortable to wear. So the summery two-piece, which is made from these two two yarns.
In addition to the temperature-regulating effect, the material combination results in a compact yet flowing knit that is indispensable for knitted trousers. flowing knit. You can also tell that the individual borders are always formed with two are always formed with two colours. The multicolouredness the alternation of colour combinations.
Richard Gihr, Senior Designer at Marc Cain
The fact that when it comes to knitwear, Marc Cain is almost is almost self-explanatory: Since Since the company introduced knitwear production at its Bodelshausen Bodelshausen in 1976, the technology has been constantly expanded. Today, the 2000 square metre with 107 flat knitting machines and two circular knitting machines. machines are among the most modern in Europe. At textile technicians, programmers and production machine mechanics and production machine mechanics ensure that everything that everything runs smoothly.

Probably no other fashion company has has a comparably large and at the same time highly and at the same time highly flexible machinery for knitwear production. At present, 260,000 kilogrammes of yarn are kilogrammes of yarn are consumed annually in Bodelshausen - for knitwear that all all bear the quality label "Knitted in Germany".
dmvision/Marvin Lang