At your studio in Hamburg, you advise women about big and small insecurities. What makes your concept so special?
Lisa Scharff: I take a holistic view of beauty, i.e. from the inside and out. It was important to me to create a space where I can practise precisely that with my clients. Where women feel comfortable and where it’s all about true, individual beauty – not flawlessness.

What happens during your “Beauty Inside Out Coaching”?
First, I talk to my client about what she likes about herself and what makes her uniquely beautiful – as well as how she can recognise these things in herself and come to accept them, one step at a time. In the first stage, I select suitable beauty products and explain how to use them. Then, we go through a cleansing and skincare routine together. The second stage focuses on make-up. Here too, I select products suited to each individual type. I apply make-up to one half of the client’s face, and then she does the other with my help. The goal is to create an individual beauty routine that’s fun and feels as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

Skincare is self-care. Would you agree?
Absolutely! I love my beauty routine in the morning and evening. In that moment, I find calm, connect with my skin and consciously use my products to pamper and take care of it. For me, it is deeply connected with self-worth and mindfulness. I have also received feedback from my clients that after my coaching, they no longer see their routine as a chore, but as valuable me-time.

You say: “Well-done make-up accentuates a person’s unique inner radiance.” What specific tips do you have for fresh, healthy-looking skin?
Before applying make-up, the skin should be well moisturised using a serum and a cream. This is often underestimated, but it gives you that certain glow. A liquid foundation or BB cream evens out any irregularities in skin tone, shadows and redness. In this case, less is more. Apart from that, I recommend light textures and not too much powder. The latter will quickly make skin look dry. Concealer makes your eyes look open and bright. It is best applied at the inner and outer corner of the eye for an instant lifting effect. And, instead of powder blush, it’s best to use a cream. It looks more natural and blends beautifully with the skin – especially on dry skin.
Photography: Malte Oing, Styling: Ineska Baric, Hair & Make-up: Lisa Scharff