Knit Piece

Knit Piece


Fringes are produced in the

knitting machine

and fixed in the fabric


Wool from species

kept sheep is

in the material


of the coat consist

from extra soft, silky

shiny alpaca wool

Where it all started

Knitwear in all its subtleties and forms has the fashion of Marc Cain since then. The knitted fabric is produced in Bodelshausen on the most modern knitting machines.

Where it all started
A true masterpiece of the art of knitting: this fringed coat is one of the most elaborate pieces in the fall/winter 2021 collection - a true KnIT piece, as the knit highlights are called at Marc Cain. "Originally, the coat was intended as a pure show piece for our fashion film. Due to the great demand from our end consumers, we decided to to include the coat in the collection," says Managing Director Sonja Balodis. Marc Cain technicians developed their own knitting program for this detailed piece. Each of the 1600 fringes is individually knitted by the machine into a
Loop laid, knitted into the material and fixed. The cord look of the fringes is created by using three individual threads of the yarn, which are twisted together in advance. When it comes to knitwear, Marc Cain can look back on decades of experience. Since the fashion company introduced knitwear production at the Bodelshausen site in 1976, the technology has been constantly expanded. Today, with 100 flat knitting machines and 7 circular knitting machines, the knitting park is one of the most modern in Europe. Currently, 515,000 collection pieces are produced annually at the company in Bodelshausen, all of which are entitled to bear the "100 % Knitted in Germany" quality label.


minutes - that's how long it takes

until a sweater is knitted

comes out

of a machine


minutes, on the other hand

the same machine for the

elaborately manufactured



Gram of yarn from an

Italian producer

were processed in the coat



meter can the

CMS 830 S knitting machine

knit in width


Flat knitting machines

are in use for Marc Cain in

Bodelshausen in use


needles per inch are

on the machine that produces

manufactures the jacket

Fotografie: Muriel Liebmann/Freda + Woolf, Produktion & Styling: Judith Gerstbrein, Hair & Make-up: Carolin Jarchow, Produktions- & Styling-Assistenz: Ineska Barić, Model: Hanny P./Mirrrs Models, Foto-Assistenz: Florent Jalon, Tim Fulda