The Mindful Woman

The Mindful Woman

In Balance

Many people dream of living life to the fullest and achieving their biggest goals. But how do you manage that without tiring yourself out? In this issue, our mindful woman Nina Kalmund shares her wisdom on how to find maximum fulfilment in life. As is often the case, harmony plays a major role — in order to grow to lofty heights, you need deep roots. Freedom takes a lot of discipline. And if you want to get your life under control, you must first learn to let go.

Hero / Look

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Be mindful

“Calmness is the graceful form of confidence.” Writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach “The inner pressure not to miss anything or not to miss the connection—to always be on the ball, to be present, not to be complacent—I’m letting go of that pressure. Oh, how wonderful it feels to be free of it.” Singer Lena Meyer-Landrut “Don’t take anything too seriously, especially yourself. A healthy equilibrium can most easily berestored with a little humour.” Coach Sevgi Ates “If you have a healthy balance, you will have an easier time of it.” TV Presenter Christine Theiss “I find it hard to strike the right tone. Should I aim for the happy medium between ‘be pretty and hold your tongue’ and pushing the limits?” Singer Carla Bruni

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