We encounter them from time to time: women who captivate us.

Who exert an unexpected magnetic force. They are confident, passionate and intelligent. Positive. Energetic and sensual in equal measure – sometimes even paradoxical. Women like these are fascinating precisely because they are so many things at once. And because they remind us that there is magic in the unexpected. So let’s get ready to be surprised!

When an acacia is threatened by predators, it emits a gas that is carried to the neighbouring trees by the wind. In response, the trees increase the production of bitter substances in their leaves. The result? An unpleasant taste and digestion problems for hungry animals.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the official name for a phobia of long words.

Scientists believe that you can tell the reason for a person’s crying from their tears: if the first drop comes from the right eye, they are tears of joy. Otherwise, they are tears of sorrow.

The smallest banknote in the world was made in 1917. The Romanian bani note was only the size of a stamp.



If life had a pause button, how often would you stop and enjoy the moment? To savour every instant in which you feel complete and fully connected to life? Letʼs find out!
Marc Cain – the joyful woman. From November 2022

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