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The best moments in life can’t be planned. They just happen.

Especially when you live in the moment. By leaving the door open to chance. And by not even trying to perfectly orchestrate every little detail, but celebrating the here and now. Because there’s no time like the present. For love. For carrying on. For enjoying yourself. With this in mind: celebrate life!

is present

In 2002, Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday celebrations lasted over five days and took place in five different cities, including London, New York and Tokyo. The travel costs of over 75,000 US dollars per guest were paid by her father.

A “Game of Thrones” wedding: Facebook co-founder Sean Parker reconstructed the set of the series in a forest in Big Sur, California, and asked the costume designer of “The Lord of the Rings” to design outfits for the guests.

The Metal Party of 1929 was the last and most outrageous costume party of the Bauhaus art school. Guests were asked to dress as metal objects, including a diving bell, whisk or radioactive substance.

The Masada fortress in Israel is 424 metres below sea level, and is the deepest location on Earth that can be reached on dry land. There, DJ David Guetta brought 2013 to an end with an impressive solo performance.

Spectacular Parties
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