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Sea Side sets sail for the Atlantic coast, floating on a swell of nautical ease, intensive shades of red and playful prints. Sea-dwellers adorn summer ensembles and accessories.

Blowfish and lobsters are the stars. They swarm over dresses and skirts with structural patterns, denim as well as blouse tops and wide-legged silk-blend pants. The lobster also stars on its own as an intarsia, a patch or embroidery. The shirt featuring a sequin blowfish in striped pants is a playful highlight. The height of style comes in the form of eyelet-embroidered blouses reminiscent of Victorian fashion as well as shirt dresses with a corded ribbon belt that are styled over pants. Knit-and-wear half-cardigan-stitch tops, gathered blouse shirts and sweaters with lapels are complemented by lightweight crepe pants that add a summery touch. Wave prints and pinstripe denim are seamless additions to the looks. Ocean crustaceans also dominate the accessories: sandals enhanced with a lobster, lobster brooches and transparent drawstring-bucket bags with a lobster print are essential. Multi-colour bags, matching scarves and wedges are also a must.