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Together with VOGUE Germany, It-girl Leonie Hanne, and the actresses Janina Uhse and Nilam Farooq, we undertook a very special - and for Marc Cain very personal - shooting project. The main aim was to take a closer look at our 100% Made in Germany knitted sweaters and to learn more about these special Marc Cain products.

Since the first collection in 1973, knitwear has firmly been a part of the Marc Cain DNA. We are particularly proud of our high-quality knitting creations, which are produced in our in-house knitting factory. Thanks to the specially developed "Knit & Wear 3D technology", we can knit our knitwear in just one step and without seams, giving it an incomparable comfort. Finishing and quality control are also carried out directly at our headquarters in Bodelshausen. Only after these work steps do the knitted pieces receive the quality seal "100% Made in Germany".
True to the motto "Getting Closer with Marc Cain" Nilam Farooq took a closer look at our comfortable wool sweater at the shooting in Munich. The mixture of alpaca and virgin wool keeps it cosy and warm even on icy days and it still feels pleasantly soft on the skin. The sweater has a stand-up collar and trendy coarse knit details to match the cold season. Due to the unique production with our innovative 3D knitting process, the pullover is finished in just one operation and has no seams. Unique with this method is not only the special comfort provided, but also the fact that the knitted sweater is 100% manufactured in Germany.
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