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Kate Gelinsky - happy mum to two sweet children and an expert blogger. She impresses us and her readers again and again with stylish fashion statements, as well as giving us great insights into her family life on her blog and on Instagram.

Kate gives this casual street style the femininity it deserves with her delightful sweater. The sweater is 100% made in Germany and completely manufactured in Germany with the innovative 3-D knitting process. The wearing comfort is unique, as it does not require any seams. And with the sweet flounce below the waist, in a pastel pink shade, the sweater creates a truly feminine silhouette.
But it also has to be comfortable, so Kate combines the casual trousers with the trendy Glencheck pattern. She repeats the decorative stripe in rich green in her turtle neck shirt, which Kate pulls warmly and stylishly under the feminine pullover. Thanks to the cool sneakers, you can travel quickly and comfortably without much effort. And let's be honest, who doesn't like to travel in style and comfort? The sneakers are adorned with pearls and assert themselves in the cool moss green as a real highlight piece that makes the look feel really casual. Kate just knows how to create a feel-good look and how to inspire. On cold days, of course, a coat is simply a must. The fleece coat made of alpaca mixture not only keeps you warm, but also underlines the high quality of this look with the large, stylish lapel and the restrained colour tone. Casually thrown over her shoulders, Kate knows that the coat makes the outfit look even cooler. We will definitely be styling this look!