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The talented actress a mother of two Sarah Rafferty has been engaged for quite some time on behalf of the child support organisation Plan International and puts her well-deserved celebrity status to a positive use by helping in this way. The red-haired beauty is also known, in addition to her social activity and her acting performances, for her unmistakable sense of style.

Our Canadian TV-favourite Sarah Rafferty reminds us with this look of just why we love the fall - or autumn - so much. This very special dress in a velours leather look, with a round neck cut-out and sewn-on pleats on the swaying skirt section, receives the ideal accompaniment with the glen check blazer. The feminine dress thus takes on a masculine tone through the angular silhouette of the blazer. The fine fringes on the seams and the double button row distinguish the blazer, in addition to its stunning red internal lining.
As with most looks, this outfit can’t do without some sort of bag. In this case, Sarah skilfully combines it with our extravagant clutch bag, with its characteristic Leo-head clasp. The clutch bag, with its mixture of materials incorporating smooth calf leather and genuine calfskin, is definitely one of the eye-catchers of the total look. The actress knows it very well: it’s not necessary to add anything more than a pair of black biker-boots in order to complete the outfit. In this way, the individual elements of the look, with feminine, masculine and modern rock influences, produce a fascinating symbiosis. Even when we’re enjoying fabulously warm summer temperatures, we can begin to dream of slightly windy autumn days – just so that we can wear this outfit. Dear Sarah, you are, and will remain, our styling paragon!