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With the Mysterious Women, Marc Cain is introducing women, who were pioneers in their fields. Their abilities and performances could shine on a national or international level. Allow yourself to be impressed by the spirit of these unique personalities and inspired to realise your own dreams, visions and goals!


My biggest dream was to become a pilot. When I was a very young girl, I went to my mom and said “I want to fly. I want to fly like a bird in the sky. I want to feel the clouds. How do I do that?” My mom said if you want to do that you have to become a pilot. There was not even an airport at that time where I was living. The first time I stepped into the airplane was to learn how to fly.

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What I always wanted was to be independent. I wanted to get out of this mental narrowness in which I grew up as a child in the countryside, at that time still rather with a world view from the 19th than the 20th century. It was all so parochial to me and my dream was simply independence without a concrete goal. Get out of here and take care of myself.

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My cooking is a combination of my experiences in New York and my childhood memories of Thai food, staying true to my roots and the flavours I grew up with. It’s kind of hard to explain how such unique experiences are combined but somehow I have merged them internally and this unison is what has become Kin Dee.

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