Heat recovery

Reusing excess energy becomes possible with heat recovery. Steam produced in the boiler during manufacturing condenses into warm water and heats the water at our headquarters. We also recover exhaust heat from our air conditioning system, reducing the need for heating.

Photovoltaic system

The new logistics building has a photovoltaic system, which feeds the self-produced electricity into the company’s internal system, which means that the building can supply some of its own power. It is therefore possible to save a significant amount of CO2: 426,375 kg of CO2 production are avoided as a result of the photovoltaic system. In the new Logistics building, rainwater is collected in a reservoir with a volume of 100,000 litres, and is subsequently used for watering the gardens surrounding the company premises.

Plastic storage crates

Reusable and environmentally friendly plastic storage crates are another new addition to our business processes. The crates are collapsed, packed onto pallets and sent to suppliers and companies who fill them with finished goods and ship them back. This lets us do without cardboard boxes, significantly reducing waste. The storage crates are very durable and can be used for many years. For the last four years, we have been using them for shipping at our materials warehouse and they have proven to be a good choice.

EV charging station

As part of Marc Cain’s new energy concept, the Marc Cain outlet store in Bodelshausen recently set up a charging station for customers arriving in electric cars. While they are shopping, they can recharge their cars for free.

FSC certification

All Marc Cain paper products carry the FSC seal, showing the company’s true commitment to the environment. The FSC seal marks wood and paper products sourced from responsible forest management to ensure the long-term survival of the forest. Strict rules govern who receives the seal, assessing not only the final product but also the manufacturing chain.