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Bags & Shoes image and product film

The "Leo" leopard motif plays a key role at Marc Cain. It can already be found on blouses, shoes, trousers, skirts, dresses and much more. It is part of the DNA of the company. So choosing the leopard head as the main logo for the label Bags & Shoes was an obvious choice. To help the leopard head find its way into the minds of customers, the decision was made to produce an image and a product film to introduce Bags & Shoes to them. The aim was for the films to not only present the new label and the leopard head to consumers, but also to directly convey the attention to detail, the fine sense for materials and high quality production values.

Bags & Shoes image film

For the Bags & Shoes image film, a surreal Marc Cain world was created, in which the protagonist wanders through the various production areas in search of the Marc Cain DNA.

Bags & Shoes product film

The Bags & Shoes product film shows bags, shoes and belts, as well as individual design elements in close-ups, in order to demonstrate the attention to detail that is so elementary for Marc Cain, the exclusive materials and perfect workmanship.