For over 45 years we have been creating unique fashion in Germany with passion, dedication and attention to detail: this includes impressive knit highlights, extraordinary patterns and brilliant colors that make every fashion heart beat faster. From the very first day of the company's foundation, the highest standards in every area of our business have determined Marc Cain's corporate policy. At all times, a holistic view is a matter of course for us and the basis of our actions.



In the future, all our sustainable products will receive our "Rethink Together" quality label. We find the idea of "Rethink Together" important, because we all need to rethink, act mindfully and take responsibility. For our common future and to preserve our planet for future generations. Our "Rethink Together" products are particularly environmentally friendly in addition to our cross-product sustainability activities along the supply chain, i.e. from materials to equipment. And through the corresponding labeling in the form of a hangtag on the item and a sewn-in woven label, the customer sees directly that it is a product made from sustainable material.


We do not compromise on sustainability either, but aim for the best possible success. Therefore, our approach includes not only the highest quality of our products, but also the continuous pursuit of innovative, environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes. In addition, we attach great importance to a clear understanding of the origin and production methods of our clothing, as well as business relationships with our suppliers based on partnership. In this way, we acknowledge our responsibility to reconcile entrepreneurial action with the well-being of people, animals and nature and make a contribution to preserving our world for future generations.


OUR WORLDWIDE PARTNER COMPANIES Absolute specialists in their field.

We are aware of our responsibility along the supply chain, which is why we are continuously working to make the processes in our company even more sustainable. In doing so, we always keep our high quality standards in mind, where we make no compromises. This is also the reason why we are constantly looking for partner companies worldwide that can meet our quality standards.


70% production in Europe

We are one of the few German apparel manufacturers that still has its own production share at the German site. The manufacturing chain of our apparel is a mostly European process. This means that the fabrics, woven fabrics, jerseys and knitting yarns also come mainly from Europe, especially Italy. This has the advantage that the distances are not only faster but also shorter, thus protecting the environment. Since Europe is also our main sales market, we can say: We primarily produce where we also sell. In Europe, there are also legal regulations on social and ecological standards, the implementation of which is also monitored.

30% Production outside Europe

In addition to our production facilities in Germany, we also manufacture in other production plants in Western, Southern and Eastern Europe as well as in selected plants in European countries and Asia.
Cooperation with non-European countries is important to us because of the high quality standards and expertise available there. That is why we work with specialists in each sector in the various countries, true to our motto: top quality from top companies. For example, China is very well known for the high-quality processing of silk, so we have many of our silk products manufactured by Chinese specialists.
When it comes to sustainability, too, it is important for us to take a strategic and holistic approach. We therefore make no compromises here either, but aim for the best possible success.


We maintain long-term and appreciative business relationships with our suppliers - with 50% of them for more than 10 years and with 25% of them again for more than 20 years. They are all outstanding specialists in their field with expert know-how, with whom we have acquired a great deal of knowledge over the years. This knowledge, combined with trusting, open cooperation at eye level, is important for perfecting quality - and the reason why we do not engage in supplier and country hopping. For verification purposes, our buyers and travel engineers are regularly on site at the production facilities. And our Corporate Responsibility Team also checks the working conditions at the factories.


We are a member of amfori, the world's leading business association for open and sustainable trade, and participate in amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). We are thus committed to the values and principles of the amfori BSCI Code of Conducts for human and workers' rights and the social objectives of the textile and apparel industry. As part of our supplier contracts, we have also adopted the Code of Conduct for our supply chain and have set ourselves the goal of monitoring all operations for compliance using independent monitoring systems. The amfori BSCI initiative unites retailers, brands and producers and works to improve working conditions along the supply chain. Via the amfori BSCI platform as well as the amfori Academy, we systematically record our supply chain and support our suppliers with transparent, independent audit management and training offers. In line with our long-term business relationships, our corporate responsibility approach is also based on partnership, openness and continuous development.

OUR EMPLOYEES Our employees are the heart of our company.

The core of our success is our employees. We are very interested in retaining them in our company for the long term. We achieve this through optimal working conditions and a dynamic environment with exciting tasks, an open working atmosphere, modern, ergonomic workplaces and interesting training programs.



During our breaks, we relax in the extensive company garden area with two lakes. And in summer and at Christmas, all employees celebrate an atmospheric party together. Work should be fun and bring success - this attitude does not only determine the Marc Cain working world, but is lived at the Marc Cain Family - every day anew.


We also believe it is important to reconcile work and family life. That's why we offer our employees various part-time models and home office options. In addition, in coordination with the Bodelshausen municipality and the Kinderhaus Oberwiesen, we offer guaranteed childcare. The guaranteed place is available by appointment to all children who are at least one year old.

We also don't neglect sports and health. Our yoga classes are open to all interested parties and we offer subsidies for selected fitness studios. In our in-house canteen, our chefs conjure up fresh, healthy dishes every day, ranging from home cooking to international cuisine.

Animal welfare and species protection are central principles of our sustainability philosophy. That's why all our articles have been real fur-free since 2016. Instead, we use various high-quality faux fur products in our collections.

ANIMAL WELFARE We pay attention to

The responsible treatment of animals and a species-appropriate husbandry of animals are very close to our hearts. For this reason, we are committed to respecting the internationally recognized Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. According to this, animals should be free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease, fear and distress, and have the freedom to exhibit normal behavior. We require our suppliers to use only products from animals that are raised and kept in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In particular, we refer to the EU Species Protection Regulation EC No. 338/97, which, among other things, implements the requirements of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), as well as the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the Federal Species Protection Ordinance.


Already since 2016 all our items are real fur free. Instead, we use various high-quality faux fur products (fun fur, fake fur) in the collections. As a fur-free brand, we are also listed with the German Animal Welfare Association and the Fur Free Retailer Initiative. For more information, please visit:

We only use certified feathers and down from animals (Responsible Down Standard) that have been bred exclusively for meat production and have not been plucked alive or kept for foie gras production. In addition, we use 3M Thinsulate™ Featherless insulation, made from 75% or 100% certified recycled material. This insulation protects against wetness as well as moisture and is extremely flexible and lighter compared to most natural alternatives.

We do not use exotic animal skins. For example, skins of snakes, crocodiles, lizards, stingrays and sharks (galuchat) are considered exotic skins. They often come from endangered species and from countries of origin with lax implementation of animal welfare laws.

Angora wool comes from the angora rabbit. Angora production has been criticized for many years. Animal welfare and species protection are central principles of our sustainability philosophy, which is why we have not used angora wool in our products for ethical reasons since 2014.

The leather we use must be a by-product of the food industry. Important to us here is responsible breeding and husbandry that respects animal welfare and the environment. We are aware that transparency in the leather supply chain is crucial for this, which is why we work closely with our suppliers.

Would you have known? Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep, mohair wool from the Angora goat and cashmere precious hair from the cashmere goat. Compared to synthetic fibers, merino, mohair and cashmere stand out as sustainable fibers: They are naturally occurring, renewable, fully compostable and long-lasting in use - sustainability criteria that naturally need to be underpinned by a responsible sourcing process free of animal suffering and environmentally friendly pasture management. In exchange with other companies, trade associations and standard organizations, we want to increase the availability of animal welfare-certified materials and create awareness for these issues among our suppliers.


Excess energy is reused through heat recovery. The steam generated by steam boilers in production condenses into hot water and is used to heat water in the buildings at the headquarters. Exhaust air from the ventilation systems is also reused for heat recovery, so that less heating is required.


We save electricity and water

Our new logistics building has a photovoltaic system that feeds the electricity it produces into the company's internal system, enabling the building to be partially self-sufficient. A significant amount of CO2 can thus be saved. In the new logistics building, rainwater is collected in a cistern with a volume of 100,000 liters of water, which is used to irrigate the garden on the company premises.


PLASTIC BOXES We reduce waste

We use reusable and therefore environmentally friendly KLT plastic boxes. In practice, this means that the boxes are shipped folded on pallets to suppliers and companies so that they can be returned with finished goods. This eliminates the need for cardboard boxes, which significantly reduces waste. The KLT boxes have a long shelf life, so they can be used for many years. The boxes are used for ingredient storage shipping and have already proven their advantages.



In the course of the new energy concept, there is also an e-charging station at our Marc Cain outlet at the Bodelshausen location for our customers who arrive with their electric car. Customers can thus conveniently recharge their car free of charge for the duration of their shopping trip.


FSC® CERTIFICATE We promote responsible forest management

All our paper products have been awarded the FSC certificate. In this way, we are sending a clear signal for the environment. Wood and paper products bearing the FSC quality seal originate from responsible forest management, thus ensuring the long-term preservation of forests. The award of the eco-label is subject to strict controls and covers not only the end product but also the processing chain.


Rethinking together - our first sustainability report

Our Sustainability Report for 2020 reveals what drives us, what goals we have set ourselves and what we have already achieved. With our Sustainability Report, we also make transparent the challenges that we, as an internationally active company, have to face in this context and that spur us on at the same time. You will learn a lot about how we are committed to environmental protection at our headquarters, which sustainable materials we use, or why animal welfare is close to our hearts. The table of contents gives you an overview of all the exciting topics. We are often already asked about the Supply Chain Act, which will become mandatory for Marc Cain from January 1, 2023. We also find everything around the supply chain very important, which is why we have dedicated an entire chapter to the topic in our sustainability report.