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100% Made in Germany

The continuing development of our “Knit & Wear 100% Made in Germany” products is among the most recent innovations within the house of Marc Cain. The novel 3D knitting techniques are signposts for an extraordinary feel when wearing the products and a completely new look. Pullovers, knitted jackets and skirts are knitted completely without seams by means of a 3D knitting process within our headquarters premises at Bodelshausen. Thanks to extremely modern technology, the machines we use are able to produce a complete finished garment in a single process. Widely varying designs, ranging from flat knit or ribbed looks, vertically or horizontally knitted items right through to cable patterns with a hand-knitted appearance or even Jacquards, as well as combinations of different types of knitting, are made possible by these methods. In order to arrive at a finished “3D Knit & Wear” product, a whole range of individual processing steps is required. We would like to illustrate these for you, taking as an example the production of a pullover from the Fall/Winter 2016 Collections.
For the manufacture of a Marc Cain 3D knitted pullover, numerous individual operations are required, to ensure the familiar Marc Cain product qual­ity. Everything begins with a rough sketch of the pullover, which is discussed in a creative meeting. In accordance with the basic requirements, such as the type of knit and cut lines, the knitting technician prepares the knitting programme for each item on an individual basis, so that the final fit of the pullover is perfect.
Thanks to our modern technology, it is unnecessary to undertake the usual processing stages involving the assembly of different elements: the 3D knitted pullover emerges from the knitting machine in just a single production operation.
Immediately after the knitting process, the pullover undergoes the first quality control. The use of an illuminated table offers the best method of checking whether the stitches have been produced evenly. In the finishing process, each item is relaxed by the use of saturated steam and adjusted into shape, to prepare it for the washing process before it is given its preliminary wash.
At this stage, the pullovers are loaded into washing machines. Each individual item has its own washing process specially set for it. The pullover is then printed, using an inkjet method. To ensure that the print is always applied in the same position, each individual pullover must be placed exactly in accordance with the markings on the print­ing machine.
Following the printing process, the pullovers are laid out on individual support sheets, so that the printing can be finally fixed in the autoclave by the use of saturated steam. The saturated steam ensures an inseparable bond between the dyes applied in the printing area and the individual material of the pullover.
After the printing template has been removed, each pullover is initially subjected to a preliminary hand washing process. After this, the so-called soaping down takes place. This removes any superfluous dyes which have not been fixed. During the final quality control, each pullover undergoes a final check to ensure it meets the predetermined Marc Cain standards, making absolutely certain that the item is in perfect condition when it is released from the production facilities. For the final control of the stitching precision, the pullover is examined by using an illuminated dummy.
At the very end of these pro­cesses, the care label is sewn into the garment. And as the pullover has been completely produced in Germany, it is also entitled to bear the label saying it is “100% Made in Germany”.