AVAILABLE IN FALL: our first fragrance line

We have great news for you: we are finally launching our first range of fragrances and adding a new, sensual dimension to the Marc Cain brand. Our Marc Cain perfume is an homage to all women with an aura of mystery whose passionate drive lets them achieve anything. Could this be you?

The best thing is that there are three unique fragrances that all reflect the Marc Cain DNA in a one-of-a-kind way. They each come from a different fragrance family with their own distinct sillage. There’s something for everyone!

Find out a little more about the three different fragrances in the following. You can easily tell them apart by the colour of the bottle: pink, blue, green.

Marc Cain Mysteriously No. 1: Pink

Fragrance family: Fruity Oriental
Sillage: fresh

This is an evocative scent radiating a special quality fused with modern elements.

Marc Cain Mysteriously No. 2: Blue

Fragrance family: Floral Oriental
Sillage: powdery

Warm sandalwood imbues this feminine bouquet with incredible elegance. Your mind roams the wonders of the Orient on uniquely mysterious and seductive travels.

Marc Cain Mysteriously No. 3: Green


Fragrance family: Woody Chypre
Sillage: voluminous

Musk, tonka bean and vanilla add a lingering velvety feel to the base note that flows into incredible sensual depths.

These three fragrances are perfect for casual looks or fancy evening gowns – for all occasions! Come October, they will be available at all Marc Cain Stores and Marc Cain shops in stores, at select beauty stores as well as online in Europe, Asia and North America. My personal favourite is the second fragrance, “Marc Cain Mysteriously No. 2”. It reminds me of the wonderful time I spent in India, the heartland of Oriental fragrances. You will love these scents. I guarantee it! Get your own and let Marc Cain’s first perfume line inspire you!

Which scent sounds best suited to you? I look forward to reading your answers.

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